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Classes and Workshops Summer 2009

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Six-class series
Tues. 6:00-9:00 pm at Swift River Studio in Mexico or by appointment.
Learn to draw in this class that introduces you to basic drawing materials and beginning skills. Simple, enjoyable exercises and projects will develop your eye and hand. Topics covered will include: drawing tools and materials, line and contour, value (shading, hatching, and blending), texture, perspective, composition, and gesture.

Three-class series
By appointment, at Swift River Studio in Mexico
This class covers basic calligraphy techniques using either Speedball pens and nibs or felt-tip pens. The following topics will be introduced: tools and materials, posture and hand position, line and letter spacing, basic letter strokes and formation, layout, simple Roman and italic alphabets, capitals, and decorated letters.

Studio classes can be scheduled at any time for individualized study in a series or a one-time session. Choose to work on your own project, get help with a specific problem, or find answers to questions about your art. Let me know how I can help you.


June 6 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at Swift River Studio in Mexico, or by appointment
The most important part of drawing or painting realism is your ability to really SEE what is in front of you. In this workshop we explore a series of classic exercises for artists that train the eye and eye-hand coordination. Beginners and artists at any level of experience would benefit from this series. The exercises include both quick and sustained studies in contour drawing, value studies, gesture drawings, and weighted drawings.

July 11 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at Swift River Studio in Mexico, or by appointment
Do you struggle to get the color you want when you are painting? This is a hands-on workshop for beginning, intermediate, or advanced artists who want to expand their understanding of color and how to use it. Topics will include: color theory; primary, secondary, and complementary colors; tints, shades, and saturation; color harmony, and color mixing.

Aug. 8 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at Swift River Studio in Mexico, or by appointment
This workshop will take the mystery out of buying art supplies, giving you an overview of common drawing and painting materials and a chance to experiment with them. Topics will include: history of paint; pigments, binders, and fillers; pigment properties; lightfastness; Color Index numbers; why some paints cost more than others; and how to choose the right paint.

One-day workshop at Swift River Studio in Mexico, by appointment
Water-soluble or water-mixable oil paints have been gaining in popularity in recent years because they are nontoxic and easy to clean up with soap and water instead of harsh solvents. This one-day workshop gives you a chance to try them out and learn more about them. It is open to artists at all skill levels.
Topics covered will include: history of water-soluble oils, how water-soluble oils work,
sources and manufacturers, water-soluble mediums, color mixing, and tips for making the most of water-soluble oils.

All classes and workshops are “hands-on” learning experiences, not just demonstrations.
Private lessons can be scheduled at any time. Workshops require a minimum of three students.
Class sizes will be kept small in order to maximize individual attention.
All classes will be held at Swift River Studio, 917 Roxbury Road, Mexico, Maine 04257, unless class size requires a larger venue.
Tuition varies depending on the size of the class. The base fee is $20 per hour for individual instruction. For example, a 3-hour class for 3 students would be $20 per student, or $15 each for 4 students. I am open to the possibility of barter if you don't have cash.

Email me at or call me at (207) 364-7243 to make the arrangements.