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Moments of Transcendence Collection

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Moments of Transcendence Collection

Two threads have been woven through human experience since the dawn of civilization: the human raceís search for meaning that transcends the physical, and the attempt to express that meaning in visual form. No contemporary dialogue about art and culture can be complete without the voices of those whose art is fueled by their passion for what is eternal, transcendent, and uniquely divine.

I enter that contemporary dialogue as a deeply committed Christian, and one whose entire life has been the story of a great romance with a holy and beautiful God. In this I am firmly planted in a rich heritage of artistic endeavors. To the dialogue I would humbly offer my paintings as a statement that God is not distant, nor silent. In a world focused on the physical, on the emotional, on consumerism, politics, and social issues, I am hoping to provide a gentle dissenting voice that brings our attention back to those issues that are truly eternal.

Do you ever have moments when the beauty of an everyday object stops you in your tracks? Each one of these paintings is a record of an experience I have had, an encounter with the mundane, that transcended the ordinary in some way for me. They are a form of ongoing visual journaling in my personal life, and I am glad to have an opportunity to share them with you.

For the viewer they are about beauty, most of all. Their subject matter is drawn from simple natural objects, and their geometry reflects the exquisite design of the physical world. Their size speaks of small, intimate moments, and it is my desire that as paintings they be intimate, accessible, easily transferable and affordable. Their obsession with detail reflects that painting with concentrated attention to detail is a form of meditation for me. I am offering this opportunity for meditating on beauty to you, also. I do this with the intent of drawing your attention to the treasures that are all around us, and with the hope that this will enrich your life.

These paintings also present a deeper layer of meaning to me as the artist. For me, these paintings are records of intimate conversations I have had with my God, born out of affection and romance, full of joy and mutual delight. They are tiny capturings of those moments when his life intersects my own mundane existence, when even familiar objects are transformed with his beauty. I see myself as an illustrator and an interpreter, shedding light on Godís nature and translating spiritual realities into a visible language.

This collection has been shown in its entirety at the Art Gallery of the University of Maine at Farmington, at Pennacook Art Center fine art gallery in Rumford, Maine, and at the Stadler Gallery in Kingfield, Maine. It has also been shown in part at many other venues in western and southern Maine. The entire collection numbers 133 works, ranging from two to three inches in diameter.

The image above is of the original installation at the Art Gallery of the University of Maine at Farmington in May 2007. A selection of the works shown here are now in the permanent collection of the University.