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More Spring Doings

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More Spring Doings

The catbird arrived back in town this week, and has been sending up his cheerful burbling song from the quince bush this afternoon. The wrens are back, too. The male is singing ferociously in the mugo pine beside the garage. If I get too close, he scolds me unmercifully. The phoebes are nesting in the old red canoe again.

I have also heard or seen a cardinal, a chestnut-sided warbler, a chipping sparrow, two ovenbirds, and the ever-present white-throated warbler this week. I have even heard the white-throat sing a few sleepy notes in the middle of the night.

The apple tree by the front door is blooming beautifully now, and all abuzz with bees. The jack-in-the-pulpits are up in the woods, the Canada mayflowers about to bloom, and the strawberries and blueberries are blooming all over. I found red baneberry in the woods at the far side of the back yard, and some other little 6-petalled flower that I have not been able to identify yet. This is certainly being an early spring. Normally I would not expect to see the woods and mountains this green until the end of May.

The dooryard is full of bleeding-heart, forget-me-nots, and narcissus. The grass is a carpet of violets, both white and purple, with a few yellow ones along the driveway. This is the week of the year that this place is the most like Eden, I do believe.